Advanced warehouse storage solution trends in 2017

A major trend that is seen in advanced warehousing technology during 2017 has been the impact of technology. On a closer examination of the trends, we can notice the correlation between the growth in software for supply chain planning and digital warehouse management systems alongside the exponential growth of e-commerce.

The increasing trend in online shopping has significantly impacted the manner in which goods are stored and moved to several hundred or thousands of retailers across the nation or even continents. With warehouses catering directly to thousands of customers, then retailers, warehouse management has become more complex and fragmented leading to technology being the singular option to address all the complex needs.

This is also reflected in the more than the impressive growth of warehouse management software, particularly in the aftermath of the 2009 global financial crisis and in 2011 alone the Warehouse management software notched up a growth of 14% which was twice what the street had estimated. During the same period supply, chain planning software too experienced nearly identical growth, and both the software products are maintaining a positive growth trajectory since then.

Highest levels of efficiency become imperative when it comes to meeting the demands of consumers, particularly individuals, through near-instant dispatch, tracking consignments and ensuring complaint free fulfilment. These demands on efficiency, in turn, drive the demand for warehouse management and supply chain planning software.

Analyzing this trend further, we notice an increasing trend in the use of handheld devices in warehousing and inventory management. In other words, it is portability that is reigning supreme in the area of business and commerce.

To illustrate this further, we can think of a handheld scanner employed to manage inventory, conduct instant audits, real-time updates of stock levels and other data that impact the most effective metrics of warehouse management.
Interestingly, the impact of technology is not even limited to the core function of warehouse management. It extends even to areas that are less obvious like pallet racking systems. Forklift time is reduced when you have an automated pallet raking system when outbound and inbound items need to be dealt with and also handle inventory control simultaneously. With this, we see another interesting instance of technology impacting an area like storage system which was once reckoned as a static system. That also brings into focus the fact that technology today can be beneficially exploited to address every aspect of inventory, logistics, fulfilment and distribution for optimal benefits.

While the availability of technology is one thing, using it appropriately is important. Thus, another trend we are seeing is more and more tech-savvy employees getting increasingly familiar with the use of technology in their everyday routine.

With such new skills added these employees, in turn, are adding value to their employability even as distribution centres keep upgrading their technology and employers somewhat struggle to minimize attrition rate with regard to these skilled employees.

Warehouse management for optimal efficiency

Warehouse racking systems contribute in large measure to optimize the flow in your warehouse. Easier picking and accessibility is ensured when the racks are laid out efficiently. The time saved of your employees and equipment finally translates into money for the business over the longer term. But, the equation has more when the right racks are chosen and the placement determined scientifically. Some of the major warehousing aspects to bear in mind include:-


Planning your warehouse layout ahead of everything else is a huge help when it comes to optimal results. Your material handling company can be of significant help in this direction because they bring loads of diverse experience to the table. Ensure that you have a set of questions as well as ideas to share with them so that they can provide comprehensive suggestions for you. With technology impacting nearly every facet of human life today, it is not surprising that companies such as Colby Storage Solutions have readily embraced and adapted the many of the latent technologies to enhance productivity, performance and return on investment.


Obviously, you need a budget for the racking system, and that should factor in the space, your financial means, and the constraints you face. Remember that the cheapest may not always be your best solution since the best solution may not fit into the particular price. Conversely, if you choose the best solution that could be somewhat expensive upfront, your long-term gains will be significant. More importantly, you should also reckon vertical spaces in the warehouse layout since every inch of space available is money and can be beneficially used.

Choose racks that perfectly answer your needs

By default, standard pallet racking is the choice for most warehouses. The major advantage of this system is the high degree of accessibility to forklifts, and no stock would get buried behind a shelf. But, one constraint is that your aisles should have adequate width for the forklift to move around. Every square foot that you set aside for this purpose also means that you are sacrificing that much of storage space. But, one way you can lessen the impact is by using the vertical space optimally and deploy multi-level racking systems. Although your initial investment may be higher this way, you will potentially save money year after year since what you invest now will not need additions anytime soon.

Balancing accessibility and space

It is important that your warehouse has a perfect balance between accessibility and space. The products you handle in the warehouse now and your plans for the future will need to be factored in. The size of the products and the duration of which they remain on the racks would also need to be reckoned. Shallow racks often answer your needs perfectly when you have a quick turnover of the products handled, and deeper racks work well for items that remain stored for a longer time, and they can also be pushed to the back end of the rack.

Ideas For Bathroom Renovations at Low Budget

Most people tend to put off bathroom renovations because of the apparently high cost attached to the task. You will also need expertise in multiple disciplines or have the ability to hire appropriate professionals. But, if you devote adequate time exploring various options, there are indeed ways to renovate your bathroom even with a low budget. The first thing you need to do is that low budget does not translate low quality. On the other hand, your ability to make informed decisions impact your overall costs to deliver the same or nearly the same results.

Bathroom renovations touch on a wide variety of trades like plumbers, electricians, tilers, builders, masons, waterproofers and perhaps more, adding up to the overall costs. But, if you have the inclination and attitude, much of this can be achieved without external help, and that will bring down the overall costs significantly.

The wallpapers have become an eyesore

Instead of redoing the wallpaper all over again, isn’t there a cheaper and easier alternative? Possibly yes, and you can scout for some leftover paint from your earlier project or check with friends if they have some. Unused paint from a can once open and used will become useless quickly because of the container drawing air from outside leaving the content turns into a gel-like structure. So, your friend would be happy to part with what he has. And, when you do the painting yourself without help from a professional, you have saved a considerable amount of money.

Check out renovation yards/garage sales

luxury bathroom front view

Search your local newspaper or Gumtree for garage sales or renovation yards in your neighbourhood. Carry a list of stuff that you are looking for. Chances are that you end up getting at least some of the things you need at significantly lower prices. But, take care to ensure that you are not moving someone’s junk into your garage. Before you part with cash, you have all the liberty to inspect everything thoroughly. Some people tend to throw away good vintage fittings, vanities etc. but if you are looking to stretch your dollars, you can always use them with a little makeup and claim that you are really in love with vintage stuff!

Install new towel rails and rails

This is a relatively inexpensive trick to bring in the new look without much ado. You can always fix the rails yourself, and there is no dearth of variety out there in the market.

The tiles

TilesIf you thought to pull out the existing tiles and redoing it all over again, think again. You can re-surface the whole thing at perhaps the cost and save precious time too. Or, perhaps the tiles only need a hard cleaning. Your tile shop can help you with the right product though you should remember to seal off all the tile joints with an appropriate epoxy compound or white/coloured cement compound.

Vintage light fittings

Touching the lamp with hand Look for an antique shop in your vicinity. If you are looking to change some of the light fittings in your bathroom, you can find some vintage light fittings that go well with the overall appearance of your bathroom and yet, beauty, functionally. Compare the cost of buying new ones, and you can instantly appreciate the money you have saved.

Checkout e-Bay and similar sites

Check-out and similar websites if you can some cheap stuff like bathtubs for instance. There are many reasons why someone would want to dispose of good stuff at a low price. e-Bay also takes some responsibility to ensure that what you get is what the seller says it to be. Scour the return policy of these sites to ensure that you don’t get palmed off with useless stuff. However, this is an exercise you would need to undertake well before commencing your bathroom renovation so that the material you buy arrives in time for the job.

Is tile paint an option for you?

If the tiles are really crying for replacement and you have a budget job on hand, you can consider tile paint. But check out the manufacturer’s product information as well as user reviews so that you don’t end up doing a double job. Tile paint works well in most circumstances though it is always safer to align with your specific needs.

Don’t ignore professionals where necessary

Though most bathroom renovation jobs can be handled on a DIY basis with some guidance from the digital world, the right type of tools and more importantly the aptitude, there are still areas where you are better off relying on professional services. Plumbing, for instance, is essentially one of these jobs. Any errors with plumbing jobs can potentially lead to significant hardship and possibly more expenses undoing your errors. Imagine a broken pipe, and you are unable to stop the water from flooding the entire area. That is something you certainly don’t want.

One of the best money-saving tip, which I found on Concept Bathrooms and Construction site, is to minimise external services, to save some precious dollars, especially in areas like plumbing and electrical installations. Similarly, tile laying and tile cutting are jobs that call for expertise as well as specialised equipment. Most of us do not keep a tile cutter at home, and without that, it is pretty tough to cut your tiles into the desired sizes and shapes.

If you are ordering shower glass doors, they are usually cut to the exact size you need and supply. Your job is just to fix them to the ground and at the top. But take care to ensure that you don’t end up damaging the tiles or even breaking the glass due to poor handling efficiency.
Thoroughly researching your options with the help of the digital world and making informed decisions is the key to renovating your bathroom with a low budget and this is achievable when you spend quality time with the wide array of resources provided by the digital world.